Saint Louis Cathedral

The Saint Louis Cathedral is a Catholic church and is located in the city of Saint Louis in Missouri in the United States. Dedicated to Saint Louis of France, it is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. The work was designed by the local architecture firm Barnett, Haynes & Barnett. The structure was organized in 1914 but the consecration took place in 1926. The church is known for its immense mosaics.

Looking Back Saint Louis Cathedral

Erected in the time between 1743 and 1754 by J. Hardouin-Mansart de Sagonne, nephew of the architect of Louis XIV °, this church has a classic facade but is enlivened by the French Baroque. It was commissioned by Louis XV, a profoundly Christian, who wished the Parc aux cerfs district to have a place for worship. The works lasted 12 years from 1742 to 1754. Louis XV laid the foundation stone on June 12, 1743. The inauguration of the church took place on August 24, 1754.


The construction has the following dimensions: internal length: 93 meters; Internal width: 38 meters; Height of the nave: 24 meters; Height to the sphere overcoming the dome: 65 meters. The congregation of priests of the Mission or Lazarists, founded by San Vincenzo de Paoli, performed their functions in the parish. On May 4, 1789, it was in San Luigi that the solemn procession of the States-General went. In June, many of their sessions took place there.


During the Revolution, the church closed to Catholic worship then became “Temple of Abundance”, but not once was the worship stopped in the parish.

Left side compared to the main portal of the Saint Louis Cathedral of Versailles

Inside you can admire paintings commissioned by it to painters as famous as F. Boucher, J.B. Pierre or J. Restout.In 1797, the church was chosen as a cathedral and the first legitimate bishop of Versailles, Mgt Charrier de la Roche, was solemnly enthroned on May 27, 1802. He had the honor of welcoming Pope Pius VII to his cathedral on January 3, 1805.

The organ inside the Saint Louis Cathedral

In 1843, Mgr Blanquart de Bailleul consecrated the Cathedral which was only blessed during the inauguration of 1754. Due to a vow at the time of cholera in 1832, the whole chapel of the Virgin was redone and decorated with stained glass windows from the Sevres manufacture. , according to the designs of Daveria. The works lasted from 1840 to 1848.

Interior detail of the Cathedral of Saint Louis of Versailles

The cathedral is a fine example of mid-eighteenth-century architecture. The classic building, slightly colored in baroque, where the emphasis placed on verticality materializes an impetus towards God.

The two-story facade is adorned with Doric and Corinthian columns and crowned by a triangular pediment. Two large volutes plant the second floor. The two square-level towers, slightly set back from the facade, are decorated with Doric and Ionic planes. They are surmounted by stone vases and covered by a bulbous spire dome. Such beauty must say! That’s why my best advice is, to stop and admire street artists, fortune tellers and exhibitions of artists on the square adjacent to the cathedral.