Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Denver)

this is the inside view of the cathedral of the immaculate conception

It is one of the rare beauties present in America, in a neo-Gothic style with two large Spiers and a stained rose window. While inside, many parts were made with Carrara marble, such as the altar and statues, this wonderful place is located in Denver (Colorado).


Denver, with its curious nickname “One-mile city”, for being located on a 1600m high plateau, is located behind the mythical Rocky Mountains.

It is the capital of Colorado, whose name is already a whole program, but not only. Like Wyoming, the shape of this state is perfectly rectangular. Denver’s story begins with the Gold Rush, the 1800s gold rush to the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast. At that time, it arose as a border town, with local gambling, cathedral, hotel, and shops that supplied miners or sold land and livestock to those who wanted to stay.…